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Cloudvision Srl

Cloudvision is an innovative Startup founded in Modena at the end of 2020 by a team of managers and experts in the assisted reality sector, which developed Augmentya, the first digital platform for Workforce Augmentation. Augmentya is a cloud-based SaaS plaftorm that employs powerful AI-based intelligence to provide instant upskill and contextual support to frontline workers. Tya, Augmentya Virtual Expert, can offload maintenance and support teams by interacting with in-field workers in natural language and providing instant help for task completion. The user can ask Tya to identify an object and visualize related contents or start aspecific workflow. Alternatively, users can also start a real time collaboration session with remote human experts. Investors in Cloudvision also include CDP and Digital Magics, through the Magic Spectrum accelerator.


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