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CarCatcher is an aftermarket plug-and-play system that tracks a whole bunch of information about any impact that occurs to your car and works either when car is running or parked.

CarCatcher is a device that finds a solution to a real problem that society is experiencing. According to statistics an 11% of accidents occur every year, either slight or not, in which the license plate of the guilty party is not identified. Only in 2016, 79 B€ were spent because of damages during parking situations, of which 720 M€ only in Italy.
Our main target is the Car-Rental B2B market: the idea is to take advantage of the standardization of vehicles of Car-Sharing fleets, Rental cars or company fleets, in order to minimize construction variables and thus build a more valid product.
The three targets mentioned above could benefit from the use of CarCatcher as it would greatly reduce the bureaucratic time spent by a Car-Rental customer following an accident and, even more importantly, it would not risk wrongly accuse a customer for a damage caused by other vehicles during parking. This last aspect would allow companies to have their cars fixed by the guilty party’s insurance and, above all, would help to build customer loyalty and thus increase their revenues.
Once we start a collaboration with Car-Rental and, with a tested product, we will start with a direct sales campaign, at fairs or events, and indirectly via e-commerce sites. This will allow us to reach the end user who will use the device in their brand premium new car.

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