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AR Analytics LTD

AR Analytics is an innovative, 21st-century digital marketing communication channel. It uses Augmented Reality that provides an entirely new experience through unique visual presentation and exciting UX solutions. With our exceptional machine learning algorithm, we can also create unique designs from scratch, helping designers save time, money and ecological footprint. Our entire business process serves as a gate to the Metaverse: the created designs can appear on any screen you like – smartphones, desktops, and even on the most advanced VR headsets.
Previously, as a unique development, we carried out many AR projects. We created an AR factory introduction for Audi; gave a glimpse of the future of the intertwining of digitalization and design in its proper context at the London Design Week; and designed an astonishing exhibition of digital car models for the Hungarian Design University. The changes of the last couple of years encouraged us to build a scalable company with great growth potential.
The metaverse is an opportunity for us to provide brands and their representatives – as agencies – with a marketing and sales solution for the transforming internet.
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