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The professions: experiences and innovation. The history and motoring culture, told by the professional orders and colleges of the province of Modena

Motor Valley Event

Friday 02 July 2021 the freelancers will address various issues related to the international Motor Valley event through professional experiences in the field of motoring culture innovations with an increasingly multifaceted dimension that requires new protagonists, new tools and new techniques, in a process of constant evolution.
The Round Table will be conducted and coordinated by the President of the CUP-Unified Committee of Free Professions - dr. Giuliano Fusco, by the Coordinator of the Commission for Equal Opportunities of the CUP Avv. Prof. Mirella Guicciardi and by the journalist Miriam Accardo of the Modena Foundation, where he will see the best experienced professionals in the automotive world, with transversal and innovative skills in the with a distinctive specialization in communication, medical, legal and fiscal aspects, urban mobility and infrastructure.
The topics that will be addressed will highlight the very significant change with the revolution of mobility and continuous innovation, precisely because the "Land of Motors" of Emilia Romagna is the cradle of historic brands, symbol of Made in Italy but also of an economic fabric fundamental of small and medium enterprises and the professionals will turn to the expert public and to the citizens to explain the hot topics that animate the automotive scene today.
The Round Table will also have a gender perspective where professional women, great fans of motors, champions in speed and visionary entrepreneurs, have always loved motors and have been real heroines at the wheel, winning and courageous, but often little known. . It is also thanks to some female intuitions that cars are as we see them today, the final result of a long process made up of inventions, sporting achievements and examples of female emancipation in motoring history.