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Motor Valley Event

Taxation and engines: vintage and luxury cars. Round table: entrepreneurs meet professionals and the tax judiciary

2 July 2021
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Institutional greetings
Gobbi Avv. Daniela
President of the National Association of Tax Magistrates - A.M.T.- and Vice President of the Emilia Romagna Regional Tax Commission section

Introduction and Presentation
Guicciardi Lawyer Prof. Mirella
Vice President of the Provincial Tax Commission -C.T.P.- of Modena, President of the Association of Tax Magistrates - A.M.T. - section of Modena and regional section of A.M.T. Emilia Romagna

Panel discussion

De Cono Avv. Maria
Presidency Council of Tax Justice and Vice President of the Rimini Provincial Tax Commission section

Bruschetta Cons. Dr. Ernestino
President of the tax section of the Court of Cassation and President of the Section of the Provincial Tax Commission of Modena
Tundo Prof. Francesco
Full Professor of Tax Law at Alma Mater University of Bologna
Salsi Dr. Luciano
Tax Judge Provincial Tax Commission -C.T.P.- of Bologna and President A.M.T. section of Bologna
Martinelli Avv. Peter
Criminal Tax Law Center, Criminal Chamber Carlo Aberto Perroux


Event details

event date
2 July 2021
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