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Showroom Ares - open to the public

Motor Valley Event

Founded in 2015 in Modena, ARES is an independent coachbuilder, dedicated to the design and production of cars and motorcycles made to order and by hand, in one-off or limited series. ARES's work therefore fits into the historic tradition of Italian bodywork, which is however projected into the present, and into the future, through the use of the most advanced technologies and the most performing materials.

The unique structure of ARES allows to reach a new level of design, development, production and sale of "tailor made" cars and motorcycles, in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley and through an expanding global network of Studios - which also includes ARES Modena Studio, the showroom inaugurated at the beginning of 2021 in via Emilia Centro in the birthplace of ARES.

Via Emilia (Centro)