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PUNTI INCROCIATI: Moda, Motori e Design

Motor Valley Event

From May 26, within the historic and evocative setting of the San Carlo Church of Modena, the exhibition "Crossed Points: fashion, engines and design" will be hosted, promoted by the Modena Amore Mio association, with the patronage of the Municipality of Modena, in collaboration with Motor Valley Fest, Modena Chamber of Commerce, Collegio San Carlo Foundation, and conceived and created by Modateca Deanna, under the creative direction of Studio Paolo Bazzani.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Motor Valley Fest, the exhibition "Crossroads: Fashion, Motors and Design" celebrates fashion and motors through a particular narrative excursus that promotes two areas of international importance, with solid historical roots in our territory.

"Punti Incrociati" tells a piece of our history: 5 iconic decades from the 1960s to the present day, through an original and creative approach that highlights the peculiarities of an avant-garde district.

A meeting between fashion, engines and design that suggests an interpretation of the analyzed style. Historical moments that have often undergone strong and contrasting evolutions, different trends and new suggestions. A narrative that combines aesthetic, cultural, customs and historical meanings.

Fashion represents the affirmation and dissemination of a set of aesthetic, historical, cultural and behavioral models, in taste and style. Fashion affects intellectual, ideological, artistic and literal movements, behaviors and preferences.

The engines, the flagship of Made in Italy, are represented here by iconic motorcycles that characterize each decade under consideration. Our region boasts a strong tradition of know-how in this sector, renowned internationally, thanks to its innovative vision and technical expertise. A celebration of the Motor Valley and the incredible potential of our territory.

Design is the element that unites fashion and engines and that unites them from the point of view of the process. It is aesthetics and design at the same time, it represents the design phase, but also the result of the project itself. The term design is expressed in many areas, from objects to engines, from fashion to furnishings. In fact, in all these sectors a phase of high design is required, able to foresee the practical functionality of the product, its aesthetics and its response on the market.

The idea of ​​the "Cross Stitches: Fashion, Motors and Design" exhibition was born from the contamination of all these aspects.

Modateca Deanna, International Center for Fashion Documentation, exceptionally opens its doors and presents more than 50 iconic looks that tell the style of each period.

The narration will be accompanied by original videos, real "pills of history", which help to immerse yourself in the narrated mood. The exhibition is a journey outlined by symbolic colors that tell the story of the evolution of the plot.

Starting from the 1960s, through the color orange, the stylistic turning points of the decade are analyzed, starting from the miniskirt to accessories. The first years of the fashion revolution, influenced by the music of the Beatles and Rolling Stones and by iconic films such as Breakfast at Tiffany's and the unmistakable style of its protagonist, Audrey Hepburn.

The 70s, characterized by the yellow color, will take us into a world of excesses and contrasts, from the expression of individuality to the first unisex garments. Hippy, ethnic and increasingly pop are the protagonist styles of these years with colors, shades, fringes and crochet work.

The red color of the 80s describes an era with new trends in fashion. Volumes and accessories change: it is an era of overlapping. An increasingly emancipated and evolved, courageous and free fashion. Paiellettes, voluminous shoulder pads, a triumph of bijoux, colorful bombers, in which graphics triumph, are just some of the many trends launched since the 1980s.

The 90s, represented by the wood green color, are a mix of trends and styles. Casualwear becomes the predominant attitude, influenced by TV series, films, celebrities who become style icons in this period. Suits, with oversized jackets and wide shoulders, fluorescent colors, tie-dye, denim, slip dresses and leather jackets, along with many others, are among the best-known concepts of this era.

At the end of the path, from the new century to the contemporary, the freedom to be whoever you want is inaugurated, the lack of predefined rules and schemes, attention to an individual style that reflects the personality of the individual and not of the group. A fluid and green fashion, inclusive, highly innovative in materials and techniques, which revolutionizes silhouettes.

The motorbikes, with their history and with precise characteristics dating back to every era, interact together with the outfits specially created to tell a story that promotes the excellence of the territory. Design will be the leitmotif of this inter path

Chiesa San Carlo di Modena