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La piccola Indianapolis

Motor Valley Event

Film screenings at 10.00 and 11.30

Imagine having a Moto GP or Formula 1 circuit next to your home, in Modena, and that it is enough to climb a wall or try to climb over it to meet the drivers and your champions in the flesh ... "The little Indianapolis. Stories of men and motorcycles "tells what was once the“ square ”for testing, racing, socializing and showing the technical developments between the 1950s and the 1970s: the Modena Aerautodrome.
A place that unfortunately no longer exists, but of which many remember for having competed there or for having seen great champions like Fangio, Ascari, Castellotti, Agostini, Villa, Pasolini, Saarinen to name just a few.

The Aerautodromo di Modena was not simply a circuit of car and motorcycle races, but the fulcrum of that economy made up of small artisans who later became industrial giants of our territory that today we call Motor Valley. And it was also the emblem of many citizens who in the post-war period had the circuit as a meeting point, where initiatives, events, competitions were an outlet and a stimulus for a city that was ready to be reborn. Passion was born in the eyes of many kids, the desire to compete, to build and to innovate.
With "La Piccola Indianapolis" a story is told, which lasted a quarter of a century, and focused on the world of two-wheeled racing because it was right here in Modena that every year, on March 19, everything was reborn with the first date of the motorcycle season that it became a world event.

What used to be the circuit is now a beautiful park, the Ferrari park, in recent years better known as Modena Park, thanks to a record-breaking event that has revived this area that was once the luster of the city.

Limited capacity, reservations required: Modenamoremio 059.8751179 – 340.2884443 |

Teatro San Carlo, Modena