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Artisans of the third millennium, master restorers and coachbuilders of today and tomorrow

Motor Valley Event

The restoration of historic vehicles will be enhanced by an exhibition, a workshop and live demonstrations.

For the entire duration of the Motor Valley Fest, some excellences in the restoration of vintage cars "made in Modena" (Bacchelli and Villa, SCN - Società Carrozzai Nonantola, Carrozzeria Mirage, Candini Classiche, Scuderia Belle Epoque, with suggestive installation by Ceramiche Refin), as well as to exhibit some cars in progress, they will carry out demonstrations of sheet metal beating. The young students of the IFTS bodywork restoration course promoted by Cna-Cni Ecipar, Unimore and Unife, will be supported and guided by the "plate beater" masters, the craftsmen who in some ways represent the heart of the restoration of vintage cars, the one to be where the bonds that keep the history and the future of motoring together are born.

The inauguration of the exhibition is scheduled for Thursday 1 July at 4.30 pm

Manifattura Tabacchi