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Agriculture and engines. Sustainability and innovative technology at the service of the future

Motor Valley Event

New technologies to support sustainability in the agri-food sector

Enrico Corsini
President Piacere Modena
Alessio Mammi
Councilor for Agriculture and Agri-food, Hunting and Fishing of the Emilia Romagna Region
Giuseppe Molinari
President of the Modena Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Marco Nocetti
D.V.M. Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Consortium Primary Production Service

Technological innovations and new skills for sustainable agriculture
The goal is to highlight the essential role of research and innovation, technology in particular, and of training to guide and accompany agriculture towards increasingly advanced characteristics of sustainability
Prof. Enrico Francia
Prof. Maura Zini
IIS School Director L. Spallanzani
Prof. Luca Marcheselli
Prof. Lara Maistrello

The Modena pleasure event is organized in collaboration with UNIMORE and with the support of BPER Banca.