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"Accadde oggi: Happy Birthday Made in Italy" exhibition

Motor Valley Event

The exhibition, commissioned by the Director of Modenamoremio Maria Carafoli and an idea and curated by Stefano Dominella, Honorary President of the Gattinoni fashion house and President of the Unindustria fashion section, will be hosted from 1 July to 25 July 2021 at the Church of San Carlo in Modena with an impressive exhibition project by the architect Fausto Ferri.
The exhibition narrates the wonderful phenomenon of "made in Italy" fashion through the display of iconic creations, true works of art, symbols of typically Italian know-how.
A surprising exhibition itinerary, with clothes and materials never seen before, a creative-artisan excursus, both for a technical public and for visitors to the exhibition.

2nd, 3rd and 4th  July the closing is at 11:00 pm

from 5th July the opening hours are:

10:00am-01:00pm | 04:00pm-08:00pm

Via San Carlo 7, Modena