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Motor Valley Event


Chiesa San Carlo, Modena
event date
11 May - 25 June 2023

From 11th May to 25th June, the exhibition "Manualmente: pezzi di pezzi unici" will be hosted at Chiesa di San Carlo in Modena, promoted by Modenamoremio and realized under the creative direction of Modateca Deanna, layout and graphics by Studio Paolo Bazzani, with the special collaboration of Iris Ceramica Group.

On the occasion of the opening of the Motor Valley Fest, the exhibition "Manualmente: pezzi di pezzi unici" features unique pieces from the artistic world of ceramics, fashion and motors, in an interdisciplinary dialogue that highlights materials, craftmanship and handwork and emphasizes artistic approach and creativity.

The hands that work and create are the common thread of an exhibition that enhances the territory, its know-how in multiple sectors and its excellence in the creation of unique pieces that will be the focus of the exhibition hosted at Chiesa San Carlo in Modena, the perfect setting to tell this incredible story of creativity, thought, art and unique artifacts.

Iris Ceramica Group, with its Foundation, is among the protagonists of this special exhibition which presents ceramics interpreted by different hands in multiple shapes and lines. This natural material, with its authentic beauty and strength showcased in different forms, offers a new interpretation of the surface, supporting an innovative vision with traits of a great artisan tradition that designs, reveals and sculpts the surrounding space and objects.

The artists involved in this exhibition are Marco Ceroni and Andrea Salvatori, whose works wisely combine their respective artistic vision with a special use of ceramic.

On the relationship between ceramics and engines, it is Marco Ceroni who states, "The first approach I had was to bring ceramics into my world, so as a first thing it instinctively came to me to trace a piece of the booster of my scooter and I began to understand its infinite potential. This material also helped me move to the province, where I grew up, and gave me that lateral thinking of being outside the center."

A reflection on the centrality of the ceramic material, and the role of hands and machine, is also found in Andrea Salvatori, who states, "Initially I was not particularly interested in ceramics, for me it was just another expressive material. Then, through academic studies, I began to understand that it had its own specificity, which could serve me to give voice to sculpture in a freer and more innovative way."

 Also on display will be a series of works, specially created for the exhibition, by the artist Alessandro Rasponi that symbolize the perfect union between art and motors, an expression of the cultural combination that has always characterized the author's artistic identity.

Antonio Marras' totems, true unique pieces made of ceramic, will be exceptionally displayed inside the San Carlo Church. The totems, born from the designer's vision, are characterized by an intense manual skill, which gives shape to the material that becomes artistic expression. A true poetic contamination between thought and hand-created materials, works of art that travel between experimentation, craftsmanship and contemporaneity.

The world of fashion will be represented by an exclusive selection of research and experimental garments from the historical archives of Modateca Deanna.

Motors, the absolute protagonists of the Motor Valley Fest, will become part of the exhibition itinerary, through the display of an "exploded view" of the new Maserati MC20 luxury model realized in collaboration with C.P.C. Group, a Modena-based company, a world leader in the manufacturing of automotive components in composite materials, in particular carbon fiber.

C.P.C. has worked in recent years with Maserati on the "MC20" project, supplying most of the body components in composite material, making the car completely "Made in Modena".

With an innovative but strongly crafted design, the "exploded view" of the car will involve the visitor in a journey "inside the work".

The visitors of the exhibition will also enjoy an emotional and visual narrative created by Studio Paolo Bazzani, a story-telling entrusted to projections created exclusively for the exhibition.

During the days of Motor Valley Fest, the exhibition will also be the setting for the presentation of interesting books by local authors. On Friday, May 12th, at 6 p.m., Clemente Ingenito, a former navy pilot and now a civilian pilot, will present his book, "Piloti di se stessi. Qualsiasi obiettivo ambizioso si raggiunge con un primo passo: decidere di mettersi in gioco", followed on Saturday, May 13th at 6 p.m. by the presentation of the book "L’altra terra dei motori" by Alessandro Socini.

"Manuamente: pezzi di pezzi unici" tells about people in an artistic dialogue with ceramics, fashion and engines. A story of creativity, craftsmanship and innovation, made of hands shaping matter in three different disciplines, making unique pieces of art: “Pezzi unici”.

The initiative is sponsored by Comune di Modena.

Thank you to APT Servizi, Camera di Commercio Modena, IRIS Ceramica Group, USCO ITR, C.P.C. Group, BPER Banca.


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Chiesa San Carlo, Modena
event date
11 May - 25 June 2023